In 2010 ArtSingapore organized the last ArtSingapore exihibition. It is common that art galleries participate in Art Exhibition. They promote their artists through this. Because of the last ArtSingapore exhibition 9 artists were invited in person. The 9 artists were presented under the ‘New finds’ and given the opportunity to show their work. One of the artists was Brenda Reimers showing her photography series Culinary Jewels.

WAAD – Japan

In 2013 Brenda Reimers was one of the hundred artists that participated in the Art Exhibition “Light It Up Blue” (LIUB) for the World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD) in Japan.

Artists from 10 countries in Europe, US and Japan participated in this Art Exhibition. The exhibitions were held in Nagoya, Kobe and Osaka.