Brenda Reimers lives in the Netherlands and in Bali, Indonesia. She was born in Alkmaar the Netherlands.

After a professional career in the media & entertainment industry she decided to follow her heart and make a career change from business professional to artist. Focussing on her artistic qualities she entered several art studies. From designing jewelry, drawing and web design to photography.

Photography is now the core of her artistic activities after attending several photography courses and successfully finishing the Fotovakschool in Amsterdam.

In 2010 Brenda moved to Bali were she lives around 6 months per year. The other months she travels around the world or stays in Amsterdam.

In Bali and during her travels she is always busy with photography. She loves to do independent photography work. Her interests in photography are wide, from travel photography to people and food, from panorama to music artists and more… She also loves creating digital photo artwork and making cinemagraphs.

‘Inspirational Photography That Triggers The Eye’